Munich Graduate Program for Evolution, Ecology and Systematics

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Application Procedure


The EES program only accepts students for the winter semester each year.

The application phase to begin in October 2018 has ended. The next application phase will start on February 1st, 2019 and end on March 31st, 2019 (please note that on March 30 and 31, there will be no support available in case of problems).

Accepted students must arrive in Munich at the end of September, as there is a two-week orientation session preceding the semester. Courses begin mid October.

Formal requirements

Applicants must have a background in biology or show that they have a keen interest in evolution, ecology or systematics.

Applicants will only be considered if they are realistically expected to finish their Bachelor's degree before the start of the program during each winter semester.

For international students, final acceptance into the program is dependent on the Bachelor degree being recognized by the LMU's International Office as equivalent to a German Bachelor degree. Applicants from India and Bangladesh: please note that at least a 4-year-Bachelor degree/ 3-year-Bachelor+ 1-year-Master degree is mandatory.

Instructions for International Office application

Tuition is free, only a semester fee of 128,50 € exists. For more information about the semester fee please visit the overview LMU EES Master

How to apply

Application procedure - 1st step

The first step of the application process is the online registration: In order to apply to the program, you have to create an account first. Here you enter your name and address. You will receive an instant email of confirmation with an activation link. You must activate your registration through this link. Only then you will be considered a registered user and your details will be saved throughout your application.

 required documents:

  • a CV in English
  • a bachelor's degree with a total of at least 180 ECTS credits in biology or a related subject, such as bioinformatics, chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, and agricultural biology).
  • Your bachelor's curriculum degree must include a final research project with a written thesis credited with at least 10 ECTS credits. If your bachelor's program does not require a thesis, you are still eligible to apply if you have completed or will complete an equivalent course or internship. A course or an internship will be considered as equivalent, if it concerns a long-term research project (of at least 8 weeks) combined with a written report according to good scientific writing standards. The project details of the equivalent course or internship should be described in the online application form.
  • a transcript of records from your bachelor’s program with a grade point average. If you are currently a bachelor student, you can submit a transcript of records with an ECTS credits level of at least 120 ECTS credits and a preliminary grade point average. The transcript should show that you can finish your Bachelor's degree before October 1st of any given year
  • proof of your proficiency in English equal to a C1 level, as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), or a proof of equivalent proficiency in English. If you are a native English speaker or have been educated in English or completed your Bachelor's degree in the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you are exempted from this.
  • an essay (in English) written in your own words (750 - 1000 words):

Our three core subjects are Evolution, Ecology and Systematics.
Please select one of these subjects and describe your motivation for wanting to study it, and how your background will enable you to successfully complete the program.

This essay is the important part of your application. We recommend that you invest considerable time and effort into it. Please make sure that you cite all material used and do not plagiarise.

This means:

1. You must indicate all references of literature (printed or online) that you have used.

2. You must formulate your text by yourself. Rearranging formulations of others is insufficient. If you use a phrase from another text, you must mark this as a citation.

These documents are evaluated by the admissions committee, who determine which applicants are qualified for the second step of the application process - the interview.

Application procedure - 2nd step

In the second step of the application process, applicants will be interviewed by at least two members of the admissions committee, either in person or via Skype. He/she will be asked to give a 5 minute presentation on a topic of his/her choice, which is followed by specific questions on the talk. There will then be time to ask the applicant more general questions and the interview will conclude with questions posed by the applicant to the committee.


Please contact the coordinator Dr. Michael Bögle ( for any further questions.